Welcome to DejaVu Salon and Spa, your destination for premier eyebrows microblading training near Portland and across Maine. Our comprehensive microblading training program is designed to equip you with the skills and expertise needed to excel in the art of eyebrow enhancement.

At DejaVu Salon and Spa, we pride ourselves on offering hands-on training led by experienced professionals in a supportive and inspiring environment. Whether you’re new to microblading or looking to refine your techniques, our training covers everything from fundamental principles to advanced application methods.

Why choose us for your microblading training needs? We provide personalized attention, ensuring each student receives individualized coaching tailored to their learning pace and style. Our curriculum is meticulously crafted to include the latest industry trends and best practices, giving you a competitive edge in the growing field of permanent makeup.

Join us at DejaVu Salon and Spa and embark on a rewarding journey towards mastering microblading. Whether you’re pursuing a new career path or expanding your skill set, our microblading training near Portland is your gateway to success. Contact us today to learn more and schedule your training sessions.